Welcome To Emissions Plus


A Little About Us

Emissions Plus has been in business for over 15 years and is Salt Lake County’s preferred inspection station. We are a family owned company that only hires employees that are the best of the best in our field. Our goal is to provide you with excellent service, honest test results, and quick in and out service. So come in today and let us take care of you.

We can do safety and emissions on just about any vehicle including diesels. We also do motorcycle inspections.

Why So Many People Choose Emissions Plus

Emissions Plus does more safety and emissions than any other privately owned company in the state of Utah. So why do so many tens of thousands of people choose Emissions Plus?

Honesty – We are a test only station, not a repair shop, so you know we are not going to search for repairs. You can always count on us to do our very best to perform an honest inspection each and every time.

Fast – Nobody does safety and emissions faster than we do. We know time is important to our customers so that’s why we use a unique system that we have fine-tuned over the last decade to assure that our stations stay up and running and you get in and out fast.

Convenient – We try our best to pick locations that are convenient to our customers. We want our shops to be easy to find and easy to get to. We also provide a “one stop shopping” experience. We have DMV decals for just about any motor vehicle. We can renew the registrations on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, trailers, motor homes, and snowmobiles. Now there is no need to make multiple trips to the DMV.